In 2016, Alyssa started her journey at Orrcon Steel as a warehouse team member with the goals of advancing into senior leadership and making a solid living. Alyssa has progressed in her role in Orrcon Steel’s warehouse area and is on the way to achieving her goals.

Along the way, Alyssa took up the personal and professional development opportunities provided to advance her career.

In the last six years, she has accomplished a Certificate III in Warehousing and achieved qualifications in advanced load restraint twice. Her perseverance and focus on learning have contributed to her career progression. Alyssa says that the recognition from her team and others in the business has provided her with some of her proudest professional moments.

She reflects on her early time at Orrcon Steel and what most enabled her to reach her current position.

“My trainers and welcome team helped me get to where I am now,” she states. This illustrates that strong and enduring relationships can be created at work through cooperation, trust, friendliness and going above and beyond to assist one another.

Alyssa has noted a very positive shift in safety awareness.

“The importance of safety and the protocols that we have put in place has developed a lot since 2016. It is encouraging to see that our people are aware of the safety measures implemented throughout the years.”

She also appreciates the focus on work-life balance. “The flexibility is something I have enjoyed while at Orrcon Steel,” Alyssa says.

In the future, she hopes to continue her career journey with Orrcon Steel by moving into Dispatch and Processing.