In 2018, Thuy was offered a position as an international assignment for Orrcon Steel in Australia. She considers this to be one of her proudest professional accomplishments.  

With such a diverse and ever-changing career path, we asked Thuy what she has most enjoyed in her career thus far. “The ongoing opportunities that I am presented with each year, inspire me to keep thinking and finding new ways to continue to progress in my career,” she says. 

Since 2018 Thuy has been the National Human Resources Manager at Orrcon Steel Australia. She began her career at BlueScope in February 2010 as the VP of Human Resources at BlueScope Vietnam. Her ambition was to become a successful HR leader in the ASEAN market, and she is unquestionably on the right track! 

Thuy states that one of the most memorable lessons she had to learn as she progressed through her career was to be herself and to be confident in her abilities. 

Discussing what has contributed to her success, she says, “The passion for my job, improving my profession every day, maintaining a high-performing team that pushes their boundaries, and continuing to add value have all had an impact.”  

When we asked Thuy about the types of personal and professional development opportunities she has had recently, she explains, “I have just completed my master’s degree in Human Resources with RMIT in Australia. Through BlueScope’s B-flex program, I was able to complete this online while it complemented my current role in Australia; it helps me understand the insights of the current labour market and future trends and introduces me to new ways of thinking.” 

Thuy has been impressed with the changes over the last few years and is excited to see what lies ahead for her and the business. 

“The company has transformed to become more strategic and innovative, with a greater emphasis on future leadership development. Both the customer and employee experiences have evolved.”