“I started in Orrcon Steel’s Supply Chain department as a stock analyst in early 2016,” Lesley says. Her goal at the start of her career was to see if the skills she had gained from working in the fashion and hair industry could be transferred to a completely different industry. Even though steel is the furthest thing from fashion and hair, Lesley could see that she could translate her skills and develop new ones. She is now Demand & Analytics Manager.

“I have had great managers who are interested in my development both in my profession and personal development,” Lesley says, explaining how she got to where she is now.

Orrcon Steel had just joined BlueScope and switched systems in 2016. Lesley was introduced not long after this, bringing her a slew of new changes and challenges.

“It was an exciting and thought-provoking time for me to witness and be a part of”.

“One of the really great things about Orrcon Steel, being a part of the BlueScope business, is that there are also so many potential opportunities to explore different parts of the steel industry, so I feel really comfortable that if I was ever looking for a change, there would be ways to get that without having to uproot completely.”

Lesley’s career has steadily advanced over the years. She was given the opportunity to take on a management position after her previous manager moved on.

“This felt like a natural progression for me, so I was happy to take on the change in my role because I knew I would have the support I needed to work through the tasks that might be new to me. My team has several different functions, so there has been a learning curve to understand them better. Because I am naturally curious, my natural inclination is to learn new things to broaden my understanding and better determine solutions to business challenges.”

As can be seen from the beginning, Lesley is eager to see and learn new skills and experiences that Orrcon Steel can provide for her and her team.