Salu’s journey with Orrcon Steel shows just how many opportunities are available if you “have a plan or a pathway in mind and share it with your supervisor”.

His time at Orrcon Steel has been filled with stimulating and rewarding personal and professional development opportunities. Starting in the packing bay, Salu was determined to learn multiple workstations on the mill, and within three years, had become a multi-skilled mill operator.

“The support of managers through development opportunities and mentoring has made my journey easier and rewarding at the same time. There are two prominent managers that are still with our business who have played a big part in my journey. Without a doubt, I could easily pick up the phone and chat with them, which has been a highlight, knowing they are still with the business.”

“What most fulfils me is seeing team members develop and achieve their goals,” he says.

A memorable experience for Salu was participating in a pilot leadership program ‘Orrcon Insights’, allowing him to work alongside colleagues from different areas of the business, and learn about those areas. With continuous support and coaching from site managers and the general manager, he has identified his path and opportunities within himself.

So, what’s in store for the future? Salu would like to work closely with others in the business to learn more and share his knowledge and experiences.

“I would like to transition into a management job where I can impact, contribute and add value to our people and the company plan by using all of my experience, particularly my recent leadership training and role as Culture Champion.

“Overall, I have enjoyed the opportunities that have been provided to me, and working alongside good people, each who have played a big part in my career by believing in my ability to grow and develop.”